Saturday, September 13, 2008

Wee problem - SOLVED, YAY!

We've been having a bit of a rough time recently with Freya weeing pretty much anywhere. Almost with no pattern except that she never weed in the lounge. Pretty much every room in the house was fair game!

we tried all sorts of different litter, the "Cellulose" based one - That was a good laugh - why not just call it paper? :-) That went soft and looked unpleasant to me too! she used that a couple of times, and then stopped. I assumed that was because it went soft, and she likes to have a good dig around.

So then I bought that expensive white granulated litter, and really don't think she used that once! It was when we were trying that litter that I discovered "poo corner" in the far corner of the studio. Looked like she'd gone there about 2-3 times! Luckily they were all dry and just scooped up with no mess at all. PHEW! By this time, I'd try and tempt her into the litter tray, and she wouldn't even sniff it, just walk out and away again.

We kind of noticed after then, that the most common place for her to wee was in the hall, about 1 metre from the front door. In desperation I put the litter tray there, and SHE USED IT!

I really can't think why the upstairs location became no good for her - she'd used it absolutely fine for the first 2 months, and then with no real changes, she just stopped using it. The only thing I can think of is that she liked to wee at the entrance to her domain?

It's not like she ever goes out of the front door anyway, but maybe she sees us going out and in, and knows it that way? The other possibility is that the late Auntie Scampie used to have her litter tray there, and maybe there's some smell left.

I just know that still, even after about 3-4 days, every time I hear her scratching around in the litter tray, I have a happy feeling inside, as it means I'm not going to have to scrub up the carpet! :-)

But why did she use upstairs for so long before deciding it wasn't for her??

Anyway, here's some pics of tin foil carpets! I'm not sure when I'll have the guts to take up all the foil, and besides, it stops the FBI and their mind control rays!

Monday, August 25, 2008

OOOH... Maine Coon!

We went on a day trip to our local Cat rescue home Foal Farm. We often go there, just to look and coo (we never cry either, oh no, not us, no never!) at all the lovely kitties there, waiting to go to their forever homes.

There's always at least one cat there that really grabs us, and if we had some lottery money, and acres of land, they'd probably come home with us, there and then.... (Don't tell Freya!)

Anyway, this week's cat of note is Nanook, on the Getting Desperate page (click the link and scroll down to see him)

They say about him: "If you like big cats, look no further! He has lost his home as his owners have moved to where pets are not allowed. He is very easy going but not really a lapcat. He would love to meet you!"

Well, they were NOT JOKING about big cats! Nanook has to be about 3-4 feet from head to tip of tail! He is just magnificent! I would just LOVE to see peoples faces as he walked past in my street! If you've neer seen a Maine Coon in person, you just can't imagine how big they are! I've often heard of them, but meeting one is a special treat!

And to think, most people comment on how small and petite Freya is! If we got Nanook, Freya would look like his little pet! (just for the record, we won't be getting Nanook.... Just in case anyone was thinking!)

This is a picture from the internet, to give another idea of their size!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mummy's girl no more?

Freya's always been proud and unashamed of being a Mummy's girl.

Whenever Anna sits down, Freya is never far, and automatically jumps up to sit in her lap. She snuggles in, and kind of gloats at me, as if to say, Ha! I'm getting the cuddles round here, and you're not!

You can see by these pictures, she knows who's boss, and who gets first dibs on Anna's lap, and I can assure you, it's not me!

This week, Anna's been away, and taken her lap with her.

Freya manged to hold out for about a day, but soon enough, she succumbed to the dark side - that is, Daddy's lap.

We've had some wonderful cuddle time this week, and I've hardly had to bribe her with treets at all!

We still have a bit of a disagreement about my guitar playing, but I'll wear her down eventually.

In the last picture, it's almost as if she's saying "HEY! NO PHOTOS! I DON'T WANT MUM TO FIND OUT!!"

Monday, August 18, 2008

Feliway dissapointment :-(

It seems that Feliway hasn't been the magical cure I was hoping for. Not necessarily to say anything against it, but I think Freya is just weeing, not spraying.

So far it seems only in the one place, which just happens to be in the corner of my bedroom. Now, I feel I should explain, just so you're sure to have the complete picture. Originally, it was the garage, then it was the office, (Freya first wee'd in here when it was a barely used office) but now it's my bedroom. (The big rooms upstairs are now work related). OK all making sense? As if.

Anyway, she did it Thursday at 07:30, and on Saturday at 06:30. Luckily, something woke me up, and I caught her seconds after the offence was committed, which I thought was a great thing, so I picked her up, carried her over to the floor patch, held her next to it (against her struggling) and said very firmly NO!

I wouldn't dream of rubbing her nose in it or anything like that. I consider that definately NOT something an animal lover would do.

Since then, Anna has read a cat behavour book, and the author said that bad behaviour is usually as a result of stress, and telling off your cat will usually increase that stress, and damage the bond that you have with her.

So now I'm stuck!

My only other option, is regarding the litter tray. Now it may be that I was exceptionally lucky with my last kitty, Scampi, and she was very tolerant of a less than pristine litter tray, and conversely, Freya is a right little princess, and doesn't like to use a litter tray that isn't empty (and diamond encrusted). So I'm going to have to make a concerted effort to empty it more often now, and hope that makes the difference!

Fingers crossed!

Since every blog needs pictures, here's some.
This is the exceptionally clean corner of my bedroom - I've cleaned it about 5 times with the new Vax machine!

This is what a bedroom in a garage looks like! that's the boiler above my head, so I get a nice (weird) sort of alarm clock about 8AM. And before you ask, yes, I have a carbon monoxide detector in the room. :-)

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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Feliway result..

Of course, I could certainly be talking too soon, but she hasn't sprayed anywhere but the litter tray so far, Maybe it's the Feliway, maybe not. It's a bit soon to be making proper scientific conclusions, don't you think?

Almost every morning, I spray the 2 places where she unrinates, and that's all I do. When I've sprayed (the Feliway!) my fingers are a bit wet from the spray, and it smells very alchoholy... after a few seconds the alchohol evaporates, and there's no real smell that i cna detect. if I hold my fingers infront of Freya's nose, she doesn't really react significantly... I wonder what's in it?

well, as long as it works, I'm happy.... and if she goes anywhere but the litter tray, you'll be the first to know!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Wee problem, ongoing...

Freya still hasn't got over her weeing problem.

There are 3 places she wees or to be more accurate, she "marks".

  • By the front door.
  • in the corner of a dark downstairs small room, that's not used very often.
  • upstairs by her litter tray.
the third one may be a bit strange, but let me explain... Whe have the litter tray upstairs on the landing, in theory so that the smells don't fill downstairs. the landing overlooks the stairs, and a couple of times, we've caught her standing up in her litter tray, (not squatting as usual) and weeing, so that the stream lands halfway down the stairs. I have a feeling that the standing and weeing, rather than squatting is a classic sign of marking, rather than weeeing.

Anyway it smells, and is a real pain to clean up.

I've ordered some Feliway, that is supposed to work miracles, and I have to give one spray a day to the 3 areas where she wees or marks, and magically, that will stop her.

It seems quite scientific/psychological how it works, using pheremones...

Anyway, the other thing I'm thinking about, is that marking is usually a sign of anxiety or stress. I can't really see it, as nothing significant has changed in the house (apart from a load of moving this week, but the problem started ages ago)

I have heard that it cna also happen from a poor spaying operation, where "some female bits are left in" but I don't really know if that makes sense to me...

I'll let you know when the Feliway arrives what happens.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

She doesn't like my guitar playing!

I've been learning the guitar for 3 days, and it seems that Freya has an opinion on my playing ability!

When I start playing, at first, she just chirps, the same way that she does when she sees a bird outside, even in her sleep! Then, as my playing goes on (and on, and on) just look what she does about 2/3 into the video!

Now, she may be the cutest cat in all the world, but that's just plain rude!

Every time we watch this, it just makes us laugh so much!

I don't she really hates it *that* much - I mean, surely she'd leave the room if she really didnt like it? Ahh well, she'll just have to put up with it until either I get better or completely bored of it!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

New Toy MkII

ok, so the back to front carpet idea didn't work, and I thought about buying the proper scratch post sisal string, but the cheapest I could find it online was about £30, and that seemed too much.

Then Anna and I were visiting a hop farm and they were selling hop string, £8 for about a mile of the stuff!

Later on, we spent an ecstatic 3 hours winding hop string round a heavy 2.4 meter fence post, but the good news is it looks great, and works EXACTLY as we wanted it to!

We can wedge treats into the gaps in the string at the top of the post, and Freya will climb up, without any aparent difficulty, and pull them out and then back down safely too.

We originally made the scratch post to give her a bit of a challenge to climb to the top, but seeing her climb up it's just a joy to behold. She climbs up the post without any difficulty at all!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Designing another new toy?

I I had an idea to make a floor to ceiling climbing post.

The ceiling is about 2.4 metres, and the fence posts that my local wood shop sold were around 2.4 metres, so bingo! My plan had a chance!

Next in the plan was to cover it in that stringy-rope stuff that scratch posts are wrapped in. I did a little calculation, and figured out, that to completely wrap the post, I'd need a little less than 90 feet of 8mm rope!

So that was out of the question - then I had a great idea! I'd wrap it in carpet - cats always like climbing up carpet don't they? and even better, I'd use the string-backed carpet, and put it on back-to-front, with the string showing so she'd have more to grip on.

It took quite a bit if coaxing to get her to climb the post, but she got there by me cutting little holes in the post, and inserting little buscuit treats in the holes!

Unfortunately, I think the holes in the string aren't very comfortable for her, as she doesn't really seem to like it that much, and often seems to act as if her claws are getting stuck.

So back to the drawing board, and I'm going to take off the carpet that's already there, and I'm going to recover it with carpet the right way round so that it doesn't hurt her claws!

Hope she likes it!

(Sorry there aren't more photos, I guess we were so excited we forgot! There is some video, so I'll try and post that soon.)

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Spot the cat!

Since getting Freya, Anna's developed an amazing talent for spotting Leopard print items! (Of course we're obsessed!)

So far, in a few short weeks from the local charity shops, we've got a leopard print cushion, hot water bottle cover, and get this - a fetching leopard print satin bed sheet!!! Can you imagine anyone buying that new? (outside the 70s of course) It's great for 50p, but I'm not sure I'd ever put it on my bed!

(Did anyone even have leopard print bedsheets in the 70s?)

Anyway, Anna thought she'd have a laugh, and try and do a spot the cat picture, and laid it all out on the sofa, and good old Freya obliged by lying down right in the middle.

I walk in, and see this lovely leopard print nest on the sofa, and think "I know, I'll lie on it, snuggle up to Freya, and pretend to go to sleep.

Next thing I know, it's 30 minutes later, and Anna has some extra photos!

(click for bigger versions of the photos)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Freya's Collar

I took Freya's collar off a couple of days ago...

One evening, i noticed that she seemed to be scratching it every 5 minutes, and I couldn't work out why, since she'd pretty much got completely used to it by now.

I'm still on the search for the perfect collar that I want - it's a kind of woven material, in black. Simple eh? But you try finding one of those that DOESN'T have cutesey paw prints on it, or in flourescent green.

Still, I kinda like the look of her current velvet collar with diamonds in (well, kinda velvet, and kinda diamonds!) it makes her look like a completely spoilt and pampered Fru-Fru cat. :-)

Which, of course, she is.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Proud moments

I had a client round today, and I did the usual round of "are you ok with my cat" etc, and he cooly proclaimed, "ahh yes, we have an office cat too, she's called rowly" and on cue, Freya jumped on my lap.

As she did that, he stumbled in mid sentence, did a cartoon-type double take - and literally gasped "um, those are um, unusual markings....?"

Yes, I beamed, she's a Bengal... :-)

What a lovely start to the day.

Monday, June 9, 2008

More about the wee problem

It's been a few days since her last "accident", and I can categorically say that cotronella DOES NOT HELP AT ALL.

I'd wiped it on the wall where she sprayed, all over the floor, and even left the soaked citronella cloth in the middle of the patch.

And she wee'd on the cloth!! :-)

I have a suspicion that she likes her litter tray to be especially clean and clear, so I'm trying to be more fastidious about scoping her litter tray, and at least it hasn't happened for a while, but it's hard to be completely scientific and consistent with a problem that only happens once a week or so...

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Going outside

We're still in the planning stages of letting her outside (read: we're building up the courage to do it) and she's actually remarkably good at wearing her harness.

We walked out at the front of the house yesterday, and she really seemed keen to go back in - although when I carried her out in my arms, she was fine and calm, but then, that doesn't really count as excercise, does it? :-)

We're trying to take her outside ideally once a day, and for the last two days, it's been great - I just can't wait to let her off the lead, and see her gallop!

I can't help wondering what she'll be like with other cats too - whether she'll be a scrapper, or a scaredy cat?

And in spite of being an unfit Bengal, will she still easily be the match of a domestic cat in speed and agility, or is the difference not that great?

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A couple of updates... Tigers and STINKY!!

Looking at the last batch of pics, I loved the one with her mouth open, and so I thought I'd enlarge it a little. click for an even biger version - I love the way her bottom lip pulls down - looks a bit like a big cat's mouth. (Hey, if all her kittens look like lions, I can imagine she looks like a tiger!)

Her wee problem is still ongoing. One suggestion was to put some citronella oil down as cats HATE the smell. Just for the record, humans HATE the smell too.

I've never used citronella before, and not wanting to waste time not putting enough down, I put two saucer-fulls down, thinking that should do it?

About 20 seconds later, Freya and I both had to evacuate the house to the upstairs because the smell was too foul! I pleaded and begged Freya to go down and put the saucers outside, but she said cats don't like citronella, so I would have to do it.

Down I went, to try and reduce the smell - emptying one saucer into the other, I took the foul-smelling concotion outside, and emptied it on the lawn. I'll let you know if it burned a hole in the lawn in a few days!...

Oh, and Vax carpet cleaners are dead cool, but they take quite a lot of fuss to set up. And they don't clean the underlay through the carpet very well either. I've found it's probably better to cut out the piece of wet underlay, and rinse it in the shower.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Wanderer!

So.... Freya went outside to explore the garden today!

She seems pretty fine on the harness, as long as we weren't too bossy with it - at first, every time we gave a little tug on it, she'd sort of fall over backwards and lie down, but she soon got over that.

She had a good walk around the garden, pretty much jumped out of her skin every time either of us trod on a leaf or a twig, and after a pretty leisurely stroll around sniffing everything, and chewing some other things, she walked back indoors of her own accord!

Looks like a ROAR, but actually more of a nibble

on a mission!

*Just* like a ballerina. or something.

Jungle cat!

Licky-licky, to get rid of the nasty harness smell!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Correction on cat psychology.

You know I said that Cats don't wee where they eat?

Well. some very naughty cats do. ok?
Yesterday, we had a wee-free day, and then this morning, she blew it. Pretty much straight after breakfast, (in wee corner) she went.

Maybe she's pleased how easy I've made it for her? Maybe she's secretly a bloke cat, and just LOVES the idea of having a toilet right next to her breakfast bowl? I've considered it might be convenient myself in the past...

Anyway, I don't have any idea what to do at the moment, so I'll have a think. (After cleaning it up of course) but those wet/dry vacs are looking mighty good at the moment too.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Oh dear... she gone and dun it again!

Well, on Sunday, we were out for the afternoon, and when we came back, after a short while, Anna noticed her skulking around under the desk again, and yep, she'd had a wee in the same spot again.

My instant guess is it's a psychological issue, rather than a physical/medical one, but we'll see. It seems that both times she's done it, we've been out for 5+ hours, and she's had a wee pretty soon after we've come home.

I'd read something years ago about feeding a cat where it's weeing, as they never do bodily functions where they eat. Seems plausible, so for now at least, she's geting fed next to her wee-spot, and we've been about 18 hours with out an issue! :-) Do you think that proves anything? :-)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Stinky cat! (Hope she's ok!)

This afternoon, we came home about 16:00 after being out since breakfast, and after about 20 mins, Freya went to the back of the desk in my office and had a wee on the carpet.

IT STINKS!!!! Much worse than her litter tray has ever smelt. It' was an ammonia sort of smell, so I'm pretty sure it's wee.

She's never had an accident before, and this morning, I scooped the solids out of her litter tray and topped it off with fresh litter as usual.

It's just strange why she didn't use the litter tray, and there's been no other strange behaviour...

ahh well, fingers crossed it's nothing....

Friday, May 16, 2008

Freyas favourite toy.

You know those really expensive cat toys you can buy?

Of course you do. We've all gone out and bought a lovely fancy toy for our cats, whilst secretly being perfectly aware that it's more for our benefit than the cats?

And as usual the more expensive the toy, the less they're interested?

And the cheaper and naffer the toy is... you know whats coming :-) Watch the video....

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

RSPCA Open Day!

What a fantastic day to have a garden party! Blistering hot sun, and more cats to look at than you can shake a feather toy at!

We felt quite the celebrities, almost everyone there was full of praise for the "Beautiful Bengals" and quote of the year goes to Leslie - "We hadn't seen any Bengals before, and it was quite a shock - they were jumping around in their cages like the place was full of monkeys!"

It still makes me smile to think of a cattery full of Bengals! I can't imagine what it must have been like!

Anyway, here's some pics of the day:
(Click to see bigger)

The carpark

The place where it all happens!

A pretty busy day, don't you think?

A proud mother...

Poor, poor Jake, who only has three legs, and looked soooo in need of extra hugs!

Top cat!

This dignified old boy was found as a stray, and brought in - and is going to be adopted by the couple who found him! yay!

He really touched us though, as he just looked really quite old and haggard, but just had a bit of class about him.... like an ex-show cat or something :-) I'm afraid I can't remember his name...

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Freyas collar

So, we're building up to the day when we try Freya with the outside - maybe on a harness - and step one is wearing a collar - I've also heard about a gadget called loc8tor and that'll need a collar thing too, so she needs to learn to wear one.

Of course, she doesn't seem to enjoy having a collar on, although I think it's the little metal disc that really bugs her.

We then tried to put on the front part of a harness I'd bought her - the collar bit, and she was absolutely fine with it! no problem at all! So feeling brave, I put on the whole harness on, and again, no problem!

So maybe it's just that metal disk where her phone number's supposed to go that's the problem.

I really must persevere though with it, as I've got some great film ideas that need the loc8tor thingy, so I must try again sometime, and hope she gets used to it given time.

Also, my local pet shops have the most boring selection of collars - great if you only want thick solid leather ones with flowers on or something like that?

Anyone know somewhere with a big selection of collars?

Friday, May 9, 2008

noisy girl!

So here's the promised video of little miss Freya missing her mum, even though her Dad's standing next to her.

Does it sound like anyone else's Bengal?

It's still good for entertainment though - as soon as she hears he video, she goes mad looking to see where the meow is coming from


Thursday, May 8, 2008

Doing anything this Saturday 10th?

RSPCA Ashford is having an open day, and celebrating their 60th Anniversary around 11AM.

We'll be going, um....., as in Freya's Staff will be going - Little Miss Freya has politely declined to visit that place, but she sends her warmest purrs and regards to Leslie and all the other staff there! :-)

Hope to meet someone there, and if not, we'll take pics!!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Mummy's Girl

As soon as I come through the door from being out, Freya loves me so much she just about manages to wake up, in excitement with Dad coming home.

Of course, it's a different story when Anna puts her key in the door - Freya jumps up, and runs to the hall to greet her!

When Anna goes home, within about 10 minutes Freya starts calling or meowing really loudly - it's also unusual, as she's not calling to me, but to nobody in particular. it only lasts a few minutes, but for a moment, it sounds like she's in pain or something!

I've been trying to edit some video, but as soon as Freya hears herself yowling, she goes mad, running around the house like a crazything, looking to see where the meowing is coming from!

I'll post the video when I can... :-)

Monday, April 28, 2008

Been away!

We've been away for a long weekend, and on sunday, we received a picture from our friend who's looking after Freya, fussing and feeding her while we're away.

Now.... Does that look like the face of a cat who's beside herself with worry, missing her lovely Mum & Dad??

I don't think so either.... talk about LACK of LOYALTY!!!! I'm gonna have to have a word with that cat when we get back!!! :-)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My favourite website!

I've just seen this on my favourite website...
could it be a Bengal?He has a lovely spotty tum!

humorous pictures

gratuitous photos!

I was thinking tonight while showing some friends Freya's blog, that there just aren't enough pictures of our little star here.

So here's some more, for no apparent reason!....

Monday, April 21, 2008

Little Miss Determined!

**I just noticed that Anna's already written about this story.... But mine's got video!!! :-) um, although it is Anna's video!!**

The first time Freya explored the kitchen, she found a tiny hole in the floor between two cabinets. For some reason, she dived in this hole, (full of the last 30 years' dust!) and seemed to love it.

We coaxed her out with some treats, and put a piece of wood in the hole to block it. About 5 minutes later, she'd plucked the wood blockage out, and dived in the hole again.

Right we thought, we'll put the wood back in the hole, and barricade it with a tin or two.
Didn't delay her at all, so we put another tin. No problem for her.

Eventually, we settled on 2 cans, a box of laundry tabs and a cereal packet, and ran for the camera!!!

take a guess... :-)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bloomin' scavenger!

ok, I'm beginning to feel threatened by repeatedly being outsmarted by a cat!

Anna has been bugging me for about a year to get rid of my kitchen bin - it's one where it's a frame, and the black bag just hangs from it. I've had it forever and it's really efficient and functional. Anyway, I've resisted Anna's persuasion for ages, and then Freya appears, and discovers how easily her claws rip through the plastic. So it only takes three days of this for me to relent and go out and buy a fancy metal bin. Anna's overjoyed.

Then today, I cooked some lovely sausage sandwiches. Once finished, I took my plate into the lounge, and started eating. Suddenly, in a flash of inspiration, I remembered that I'd left the sausagey-pan on the cooker, and the little furry scavenger would be sure to lick it clean. So I leaped off to the kitchen and she was no-where to be seen.

Just to be safe, I put it into the sink to keep it safe. Upon my return to my plate of yumminess, I caught the furry one with her face inside my sandwich! She wasn't even interested in the bread!

She spotted me with the eyes in the back of her head, grabbed a WHOLE SAUSAGE, and jumped down under my desk.

Luckily I was wise to this trick, having owned a pretty street-wise cat before Freya.[1] I was fully aware of this game. I knew how it worked. I walk towards her, she grabs the sausage, and she runs off.

My trick was to bear down on her at great speed, and true to my feral kittie training, she dropped the sausage in her panic, and legged it upstairs.

I'm not totally mean though - I'm keeping her stolen trophy and I'll let her have it later, just so she doesn't think it's a reward for nicking my sausages!!!!

[1] Scampi was as cute as a button most of the time, but if she pinched a bone or something, you'd better be pretty gutsy to try and take it off her - she wouldn't run away, she'd front you, growl, hiss and spit until YOU left the room to let her have it in peace.
Awww, I miss her so much....

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Favourite past-time

The first time Freya went into the kitchen, she noticed a cat-sized hole beneath the sink, where a small piece of wood was missing. In a flash, she slinked through the hole to explore. She reappeared when she heard the sound of biscuit treats being shaken and emerged with cobwebs on her nose. As we weren't sure what else she might find in the black hole, the missing wood was found a pushed into place but she soon pulled it out!
Then we blocked the wood with a tub of washing machine tablets - which she immediately dragged out of place. It became her favourite game! We added large tins of tuna, then potatoes, then a packet of cereal. We managed to catch her on film relishing the challenge of her obstacle course. She is delighted that so far we have not succeeded in hammering a nail in the wood due to its awkward location. And so, for now, the game continues...

Friday, April 11, 2008

Freya's Background

We first noticed Freya on the RSPCA Ashford's Website but didn't really pay attention much, as she was 5 years old and we were looking for a younger cat, and they also suggested that she might only be suitable for experienced Bengal owners, and we only had experience of a very frisky feral cat. Anna fell in love with her straight away, but was discouraged by not being an experienced Bengal owner.

Speaking to Leslie at Ashford, (The best Cat rescue person you could hope to meet) we were excited to hear that Freya might be ok for us after all, and decided to go and visit to see if Freya liked us. Straight away we were bowled over by her colours and spots, as we hadn't seen a Bengal before. She jumped out of her pen, and just seemed so curious and confident and made it quite clear that we'd be suitable for her!

It seemed she had an interesting past though. She had been rescued from a breeder along with over 20 other cats. 4 of the other cats have their own blogs too - there's a link on the right hand side of this blog. We believe Freya was one of the breeding queens so there's a chance that Samwise, Merry, Frodo and Gandalf are her kittens! Lets hope they remember when it comes to their mum's birthday, eh?

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I guess she likes pork!

I had a lovely pork chop today, and when I'd finished, being a responsible kittie-dad, I wrapped the bones and fat in foil, and then double-plastic bagged the remains and put them in the bin.

You know what's coming, don't you?

Within less than 2 minutes, I noticed the little sweetheart sitting under the coffee table with a shiny silver-foil package, rubbing her paws together, just dreaming about what she was about to do to her delicious prize.

Unfortunately mean old dad appeared at that point, and snatched it away.

She'll forgive me one day...

In disgrace!

This morning, about 8:00 AM, I was woken by the sound of pottery smashing.

After rolling over and going back to sleep for another 30 mins, I went downstairs to find that she'd knocked the peace lily off the table and smashed its pottery cover. For the past 3 days, I'd noticed the tips of the leaves have been a bit jagged and squared off. I guess I'll have to buy a new pot cover now. It can come out of her biscuit money!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

freya not on kitchen cupboards anymore

We suddenly noticed today, that Freya hasn't been hiding on top of the kitchen cupoards anymore. Before today, she'd have her breakfast, and then throughout the day, if ever you wondered where she was, you could be sure to find her on top of the dusty cupboards in the kitchen!

Still, I'm sure she dusted while she was up there...

Now she spends most of the day hanging out with us in the lounge.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Becoming a lapcat

Freya has really started being a lap cat! The transformation is amazing after all the time we spent, where she would run away from us whenever we approached her.

It was interesting actually, how I'd come downstairs in the morning, and she'd hide under the table when I approached her, so I'd walk into the kitchen to get her breakfast and she'd happily follow me - I could then seize the opportunity to grab and pick her up for a cuddle - she absolutely loved it, purring loudly and snuggling - but the picking up was always a trick.

By the evening, she'd warm to us, and we could pick her up, and play with her, and we were great friends. But then by the next morning, I'd have to start all over again tricking her into a cuddle!

The evenings are great; We sit on the sofa, and Freya takes up her position next to Anna, and gets all the cuddles and strokes she can handle. Not a sign of the frightened cat we've known for the past week or two.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Exploring outside the bedroom

Today, we felt confident enough (and she did too) to venture out of the room that we'd set aside for her. I have a bedroom at the front and the rear of the house - Her room is at the front.

We opened her door and opened the other bedroom door, and stood expectantly at the top of the stairs, to discourage her from going downstairs.

it was really interesting - she'd kinda run out, go so far, and then run back in again, to reassure herself that she still can. Each time she'd go a little further. She doesn't seem to like the other room much either and even doesn't seem to like the feel of a quilt - each time she jumps up onto the bed, she jumps off again!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Basil Brush is my best friend

Basil Brush has been my best friend since I arrived. He chose the highest place in the house and waited excitedly on top of the wardrobe for my arrival, knowing that that would be my place of refuge. I used to climb up there a lot at first to sit and snuggle with him when I felt scared or, sometimes, just so that I could watch everything happening below. Even when there was no table nearby, I could still find a way to jump onto the top of the wardrobe. This really foxed them! Didn't they know I was a Bengal?!
I now only go to see Basil on those rare occasions that my Dad gets the hoover out. I have told Basil that he should come and explore the rest of the house with me now that I can go everywhere, but so far, he's stayed put.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A new member of the family!

Well, After a week of desperate waiting, and even a few days of counting hours, we finally set off on our journey to collect Freya from the RSPCA at Ashford.

She seemed as beautiful as we'd remembered her and exceptionally friendly for a cat in as unfamiliar a place as a cat rescue centre.

After signing all the paperwork and putting her in her carry-cage, we walked out to the car to discover that Freya's cute silence was just a ruse. She meowed loudly non stop for about 10 minutes, only pausing twice.

The first time she stopped meowing, (about 5 minutes into the 1 hr journey) I wondered what the rich smelling aroma was and looked over at
her to see she'd dropped a handful(!) of poos on her brand-new cage-floor blanket! We stopped and I was so relieved to find a couple of tissues in the door pocket! Fortunately, they were firm and dry enough not to have made any real mess on the blanket. So I secretly disposed of the tissue-wrapped presents into a nearby bush, (Sorry Ashford council - it was an emergency!)

The second time she stopped mewing, (can you guess?) was to relieve herself. Now, you remember it was a brand-new blanket? Being brand-new, it wasn't absorbent, as brand new material is... and luckily(?) it kind of just pooled in a fold of the blanket.

Do you remember I'd proudly found a couple of tissues, i
n the door pocket, earlier? right now, I needed those tissues again, and there weren't any! but to cut a heart stopping moment short, we found some more tissues lying around on the floor of my not entirely tidy car.

So, with 2 out of 3 of her bodily functions fulfilled, we set off again.

The rest of the journey was pretty smooth, although her sweet meowing was beginning to make us anxious after 20 minutes, so Anna had the idea of putting a coat over her cage to make it darker, and less scarey for her. This really calmed her down, and she went pretty quiet for the rest of her journey.