Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bloomin' scavenger!

ok, I'm beginning to feel threatened by repeatedly being outsmarted by a cat!

Anna has been bugging me for about a year to get rid of my kitchen bin - it's one where it's a frame, and the black bag just hangs from it. I've had it forever and it's really efficient and functional. Anyway, I've resisted Anna's persuasion for ages, and then Freya appears, and discovers how easily her claws rip through the plastic. So it only takes three days of this for me to relent and go out and buy a fancy metal bin. Anna's overjoyed.

Then today, I cooked some lovely sausage sandwiches. Once finished, I took my plate into the lounge, and started eating. Suddenly, in a flash of inspiration, I remembered that I'd left the sausagey-pan on the cooker, and the little furry scavenger would be sure to lick it clean. So I leaped off to the kitchen and she was no-where to be seen.

Just to be safe, I put it into the sink to keep it safe. Upon my return to my plate of yumminess, I caught the furry one with her face inside my sandwich! She wasn't even interested in the bread!

She spotted me with the eyes in the back of her head, grabbed a WHOLE SAUSAGE, and jumped down under my desk.

Luckily I was wise to this trick, having owned a pretty street-wise cat before Freya.[1] I was fully aware of this game. I knew how it worked. I walk towards her, she grabs the sausage, and she runs off.

My trick was to bear down on her at great speed, and true to my feral kittie training, she dropped the sausage in her panic, and legged it upstairs.

I'm not totally mean though - I'm keeping her stolen trophy and I'll let her have it later, just so she doesn't think it's a reward for nicking my sausages!!!!

[1] Scampi was as cute as a button most of the time, but if she pinched a bone or something, you'd better be pretty gutsy to try and take it off her - she wouldn't run away, she'd front you, growl, hiss and spit until YOU left the room to let her have it in peace.
Awww, I miss her so much....


Corrinne said...

A new bin? I'll give her a couple of weeks until she's figured out how to open it. Of course there are other pit falls to having a shiny bin. I caught Merry secretly admiring himself in ours the other week. It really made me laugh because he wasn't looking directly at his reflection, rather out of the corner of his eye and I swear he was flirting with himself :-))))

chez said...

wow, I think Freya is a lot like our cat Gandalf but in a girly version. I also think that Corrine's cat Samwise looks a lot like our cat Frodo. From Georgia x :) By the way I think that Freya is really cute and I love the picture where she is hiding her face.