Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Hiya guys!

This is just a new message to be sure that you've re-subscribed to my new blog at www.freyacat.co.uk?

You can unsubscribe from this blog too, I won't be doing any acrobatics, dancing, photography lessons, stunt driving, hang gliding any more from this website.

The funny thing - This blog still has more subscribers than my new blog, so I guess no-one knows how to unsubscribe, or is still hanging on to see If I'll do anything funny!


I love you all,


Saturday, June 20, 2009

HEY! Are you still here? :-)

Consider yourself gently nuzzled in the direction of my NEW blog!! http://freyacat.co.uk!

I won't be updating this anymore, but I'm really afraid you're going to arrive here, and just forget me without updating your subscription to my new site? ple-ee-ease?

don't forget me......

You can cancel your subscription here too, I won't be doing anything fun here anymore...

Thank you! And see you over there!! --->

Snuzzles and headbutts!



Thursday, June 18, 2009

Just a nice reminder to say.....

I've Mooo-ved!

(no I'm not a cow, like Harley's paw!)

I've mooo-ved to my NEW blog address! PLEASE come and visit me!

I'm all lonely!

You can delete your subscription to to this old site, and make a new one at my new site...

fank you!


Monday, June 15, 2009

I've moooved!

Hi everybody!

I've moved my blog to my own personal one! it's at http://freyacat.co.uk There's a new film there!

Please please visit me, and subscribe at the new place, I'll really appreciate it!



Friday, June 12, 2009

A bit nervous.. Wordpress or Blogger?

Daddycat's a geek. In a nice way.

He's become an ISP, which means he hosts websites and blogs and stuff, and he wants to buy me a domain name of my own, and install a wordpress blog there, for no other real reason than he's a geek, and likes working in the machine room, and fiddling, so to speak.

I'm not sure though.. At the moment, I have lots of friends, subscribers and google followers and I fear that only some of them would be bothered to follow me to the new address?

But on the plus side, you have much more control over the stats and things, and this is the most popular thing he's ever done on the internet ever, even with only 50 readers! :-)

And does Google favour blogger sites over other blog sites?

Is Wordpress REALLY better that Blogger?

All these questions... Can anyone help?

In the meantime, here's another funny(ish) picture that's on lolcats.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

In training for next year's Yoga champs

As one of last year's Cat Yoga Champions, I thought I'd better keep up with some training.

I'm particlarly pleased with this pose, as I'm able to twist my body 180 degrees, and at the same time, tickle my tumtum with my tail!

Actually, I have a very yummy tummy - the spots on my back go all the way round the underneath to my softest floof! I'm not entirely sure where my ears have gone, but i'm sure they'll turn up somewhere, one day.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

What's he laughing at?

There I was, minding my own business and sunbathing, when daddycat walks in and starts laughing!

I'm sure he was laughing at me??

I have no idea what the was laughing about, as there was nothing funny going on at all.

I was just sunbathing, enjoying the hotness, although the tip of my tail felt quite hot earlier....

Can you see anything funny?

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Am I being spied on?

I think I'm being watched or spied on..... cos I found a BUG! Or is it a different type of bug?

I don't think it's very polite, as it seems to be making rude gestures at me here...

I cna't smell anything.... although I didn't get my nose TOO close, just in case...

Just to check how it worked, I thought I'd give it a prod or two... you see, I'm not scared of anything, cos I'm a brave kittiepuss!

Ok, no more missie nice kittie. if you're not going to talk to me, I'm going to give you a thwack!

At this point, daddycat picked up the bug, as apparently, it's a Stag Beetle, and they're a protected species in the UK. I can't see why anyone would want to protect them though.

They're rude with their gesturing, and they don't say please and thank you... (they don't say anything really) and I don't think they're very good at playing chase either.

Daddy put it outside again.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I gone and dun it again

Oh dear, I'm back in Daddycat's bad books again...

This is Daddycat's 4 year old Spathiphyllum plant that he loves. Sorta.

However, if you look closely, you'll notice that every single... (I don't think I missed any of them!) new shoot has been nibbled by brave and clever little Me!!

I wake up at the crack of dawn, when everybody's asleep, and I check for any fresh vegetation, and NIPIT! before it has the chance to develop into a new shoot!

I only got caught when I forgot that daddycat was working early, and he glanced over and I was caught in the act, with my nose in the greenstuff. (a bit like British MPs at the moment!)

Of course he forgave me, cos I snuggled back into bed, and pretended to sleep. Who could stay angry with a face like this??

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Is there anything more comfy?

I wonder, is there ANYTHING in the WORLD more comfy than Daddycat's lap?

(apart from mommacat's, of course!)
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Friday, May 15, 2009

I don't like flying things

Daddycat found a little toy aeroplane, it was made of some sort of really tasty looking foamy stuff. Maybe chicken flavoured?

Knowing how athletic and bouncy I am, and how i hate any sort of flying things, silly daddycat thought he'd do a test flight, right above my head!

Now here's the strange thing. I managed to easily pluck it out of the sky, and catch it, like the expert hunter cat that I am, but it didn't put up much of a fight, and EVEN WORSE... It didn't taste of chick-hen at all!

Who ever heard of a flying thing that doesn't take of chick-hen? What's the point of that??

Next time daddycat, could you check up on the taste of toys? catnip or chick-hen flavour are kinda important to me? At the very least meat flavour?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Farm Kittens

When my momma and daddycats were in oop northland, They stayed in a farm. They managed to talk about cats (they don't talk about anything else!) and the farm lady said that she had some kittens! So they got taken into the barn where the kittens were, and go to cuddle them, as they were obviously missing MY cuddles!

I'm glad I'm not a farm kitten though, They get a lot of freedom, but not many cuddles, and they have to work for their living, catching mice and things. And I bet it gets cold outside too...

I'll say a little purrrayer for them, I think.

Saturday, May 2, 2009


My mommacat and daddycat left me! They went away for 4 days, because their daddycat's cousin had gone to rainbow bridge.

Luckily for me, my neighbourfriend came and fed me, and even better, my likklebean friends, Elizabeth and William came and played with me for a WHOLE HOUR with my favourite toy, da bird! I was exhausted, but I love seeing them, as they have nearly as much energy as I do. Certainly loads more energy than my momacat and daddycat!

Anyway, I forgave my mommacat straight away, as she came with lots of cuddles, and gifts of stinky goodness!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dance video RELEASED!

My dance video is finally released! We filmed it over two days, and then daddycat spent another 2 days editing it - he actually made it 4 times, and each time had an idea how to make it better, and started again from scratch!

You can even watch it in HD if you click the video and it takes you to youtube!

I really hope that all you friends like my video, and please tell all your friends so I can become rich and famous, and have my stinky goodness brought to me on a velvet cushion...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Yoga Guru!

I won an competition! Can you believe it?

I entered the 2009 Kittie Yoga competition, and amazingly, they thought my pose was one of the joint wiiners with this pose!

The lovely kitties at Tabbynormal said it was called Cat Crescent Pose and with such a lovely name like that, it sounds even better!
Congratulations and headbutts to teh beautiful joint winners Siena and Ayla too!

In keeping with the Yoga and nimbleness theme, MY KITTY DANCE VIDEO is going to be released any day now! I'm so excited! I can't wait for all my friends to see my dancing!

Be sure to subscribe on the right of my blog, to be informed as soon as it's released!

Seeya soon, friends!


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cat moulting problem - SOLVED!

I've been moulting a lot recently, and because of my wonderful colouring, my hairs stand out on your clothes, whatever colour you're wearing! Aren't you lucky!

Well, daddycat has been looking everywhere for a solution, and has bought all sorts of cat hair brushes, and none of them actually get my really thick underfur out - they just brush it nice and flat, and maybe loosen it, so I can rub it all off on his bed!

So, we've seen these brushes that look like spikey razors, and everyone raves about them but they're £20, and you can't test them, and daddycat's too careful with my cat fud money to risk £20 on a fancy brush that doesn't work!

But today, he was walking around in the 99p store, and saw the SAME THING!!! and guess how much it was??....

oh yes... it was 99p.

Anyway, it works a dream!

It gets loads of fur out with every stroke, and the only problem is that I'm in such ecstasy when daddycat does it, that I can't help moving around and walking in circles!

this is what we pulled out in about 2 minutes of brushing!

And I don't look very bald at all!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

wordless wednesday: How many paws?

I seem to have got myself into a bit of a tangle, and I've lost one of my legs!

Can you find it?
(click to make the picture bigger!)

Friday, April 10, 2009

gonna be a film star!

Daddycat says he's got nothing to write about so that's why he hasn't posted anything recently. Although I'm really excited, because Daddycat's setting up a video studio and he wants me to be his first film star!

I'm going to be showing off how acrobatic and nimble I am!

Grandmacat came to visit last week too, and I jumped straight on her lap and had a lovely cuddle, as only Grandmacats can give!

Also, those nice people at the Kitty City Gazette sent me an award! I feel a bit of a fraud since I haven't written or updated anything for about 2 years! (cat years of course, which are about a week in human time)

Well all I can say is, WOW! We love your site too!

Hope to get my filming done soon!


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Catnip dealer!

Daddycat's growing some catnip, just for me!!! I'm so excited!

I've had some before and it made me go a bit crazy, but when daddy cat gave me some of this, it just didn't spell right, and had no effect. Is he meant to give it to me fresh or dry it?

We tried drying it too cos daddycat had heard that you hang it up upside down, and that dries it, but it still doesn't look right! why would I want to roll in dusty old dead plant? I have an image to uphold, you know! Please ignore the donkey thing there, daddycat hangs all sorts of weird things around the place!

It's so much trouble, maybe it would be best to just buy another bag, but when we gets hold of a Personal Challenge © , it's hard to just give up!

Does anyone have any tips for us?

Freyakitten. xx

Monday, March 30, 2009

Strange behaviour!

In the last week Freya's become very interested in the mirror.

I've heard of cats walking past a mirror and hissing at the cat in the mirror, but this seems different!

She seems completely uninterested in the cat in the mirror, but more strangely, seems very interested in other things around the room, especially US!

She'll walk up to the mirror, and look into it, and then start yowling as she looks at us, and you can see in the pics that she's looking straight at us.

It must be a bit puzzling for her, seeing us in front of her, AND behind her also!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happy purrthday to meeee!!

It's my purrthday! I'm 6 years old today, and been with my mommacat and daddycat for exactly 1 year now!

You can read my exciting story about how I came to be adopted here!

From my mommacat, I got a crinkly bag, that magically refills with treats whenever I look away, and it's so beautifully covered, it looks exactly like my own colouring!

From my daddycat, I got a back scratching glove which feels lovely when I'm stroked with it.

And then finally, I got a big cuddle too.

For my birthday breakfast, they bought me the most expensive stinky goodness they could find, and I loved it! Do you know, it's more expensive than hoomin food!

This food is just SOOOO delicious, I hope they don't think I'm going to eat normal cat fud tomorrow!

And as an extra special treat for my birthday, I even GOT MY PICTURE IN THE KITTY CITY GAZETTE!!!! I'm so proud!!


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I got an AWARD!!

It gives me great pleasure to receive my first award!

Many thanks to Kali, Mazi, and Simba at Bengal Cat Domination for this lovely award.

I've never had an award before, but it seems that I have to list 6 things that I like, and then pass the award onto my 6 favourite blogs.

1. I love Da Glittery thing
2. I love exploring under the kitchen cupboards (now with video!)
3. I love the sound of my own voice! (oh YES!)
4. I love my home-made climbing post!
5. I love Basil Brush
6. I love all my friends in the BLOGOSPHERE!!! (I visit you every day!)

So now, I'll pass it onto my 6 most favourite blogs in all the world.

1. It can only be - HARLEY!!
2. Criz Cats sanctuary - Joey made me cry with his bad eye recently.
3. The Adventures of Tanjiro, Uschi-Swirl, & Vladimir
4. The cat blogosphere - you're like everyone's favourite uncle.
5. Samwise and Merry - They're some of my kittens! How could such boisterous boys have come from my graceful and dainty loins???
6. Frodo and Gandalf - They're also some of my kittens! - it hasn't been updated for 7 months, since Frodo was run over and killed :-( but I still visit there every month or so to see how Gandalf is and if it's been updated.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Famous Freya?

Last night, I was happily minding my own business, jumping for joy, about having such a lovely mommacat and daddycat, and that flashing thing went off again and blinded me.

If I wasn't embarrassed enough by being caught in a moment of blissful "private time", Can you imagine what Daddycat's done? He's submitted it to I can has cheesburger.com so that everyone in the world will see me and laugh! (click the picture to vote for it as your favourite picture in all the world!)

funny pictures

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fast as Lightning!

Hi Everybody - It's me Freya!

I'm fed up of daddycat talking for me, and making fun of my fancycats and making poor Hunky Harley embarassed!

(Hi Hunky Harley! )

Anyway, the other day, I was defending my family from this glittery thing, while mommacat kept taking pictures of me! How can I pose in all my beauty for her, while theres a glittery thing flying around that needs to be taken care of?

Anyway, here are mommacat's photos, and actually I'm such a speedycat, I'm all fuzzy! Daddycat says he'll try it next time with a faster "shutup speed" but I've no idea what that is? I won't be as fast as me anyway!

By the way, you can click my pictures to biggify them too!

Do you know, I'm so fast, that sometimes I've turned round, and my bum doesn't know I've turned?

Don't I get into some funny positions?

Friday, March 13, 2009

Freya has a crush!

I think Freya has a crush!!!

I noticed today that she wasn't around, and went looking to see where she'd got to, and as I got to my office, I caught her looking at a certain sexy mancat's website!!!

It's Harley!!! Freya has a crush on Harley, Daisy's brother!!

Of course, as soon as she got busted, she denied it, and got all bashful, but I have a suspicion now...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mommacat's home!!!

But little Freya still knows who's got the most comfy arm to snuggle and sleep in!

Unortunately, I don't get a lot of work done when she's like this, but it's worth it!!
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