Friday, June 12, 2009

A bit nervous.. Wordpress or Blogger?

Daddycat's a geek. In a nice way.

He's become an ISP, which means he hosts websites and blogs and stuff, and he wants to buy me a domain name of my own, and install a wordpress blog there, for no other real reason than he's a geek, and likes working in the machine room, and fiddling, so to speak.

I'm not sure though.. At the moment, I have lots of friends, subscribers and google followers and I fear that only some of them would be bothered to follow me to the new address?

But on the plus side, you have much more control over the stats and things, and this is the most popular thing he's ever done on the internet ever, even with only 50 readers! :-)

And does Google favour blogger sites over other blog sites?

Is Wordpress REALLY better that Blogger?

All these questions... Can anyone help?

In the meantime, here's another funny(ish) picture that's on lolcats.


Kitties @ Our family cat-a-blog... said...

We doesn't has no geeks here but what we can tell you is that it's much easier to navigate and to add friends and to follow blogs with blogger. But, we do have lots of wordpress friends, too.

Cheysuli and gemini said...

We were able to forward subscribers to Gemini's blog to our main blog at Chey's place when we left blogger altogether so you can get people to follow that way.

We wouldn't use anything but Wordpress on our own domain. However we have our blogger account so that those cats who only have blogger and require that you have a google account let us comment and visit.

Daisy said...

Computers are very hard, so I do not know which is best. But we would follow you wherever you went!

Noll's Nip said...

IDK....I'm kind of an ungeek. I just found out about blogspot last fall.

Robyn and HotMBC aka The Hotties said...

I've used both for years.
WordPress (installed) is much more flexible, and I think much better in some ways. It does have a fairly high learning curve, though, and there are often issues with cats updating their subscriptions and such.
Blogspot is easier to deal with but less flexible, and less control.
I believe Google does favor Blogspot blogs because they own the domain.
I'm not sure what you mean by control over stats, though. You can run google analytics on a blogspot blog too, or most any stats that you can put in to the template via HTML.
My recommendation would be to use WP installed for a new project and keep your current blog right where it is.
Note, though, that if you set up your domain name on blogger, you'll lose a lot of things too, as the URL will change. But you can have a URL to forward to your blogspot blog :)

you can email me at catsnmom AT houseofthemostlyblackcats DOT com if you have questions

The Island Cats said...

We use wordpress cuz we have our own domain but we thing blogger is okay too...mainly cuz it seems so many of our furiends use blogger...we know other cats that have switched to a .com and we can still find them!

Reese =^..^= said...

I'll follow you anywhere.

Baby Patches said...

Freya, lets me tells you momma started her blog on blogger and den switched creatings a blog fur me on her site using wordpress. First of all google doesn't sees blogger or wordpress any different a blog is a blog and it gets updated da same!
Second if you would likes to gets a domain of your owns goes fur it and justs puts a post her lettings everyone know to follows you on your new one dat is what momma did and it works fine.

Plus you can starts to comments wif your new site everywheres so everyone will sees it!

Dat is what momma says! I hopes it helps purrrrrrrrs!

Anonymous said...

We've already gone down that road, Freya... our human dad has the domain and installed WordPress a few years ago through his web hosting. As others have said, more flexibility and functionality than Blogger. If you have questions he can answer, just let him know (although all he did was follow directions).