Saturday, February 28, 2009

While Mommacat's away

Mommacat's been away for the last week, so Freya and I have been bonding.

We recently had delivery of Da bird, and true to form, she LOVES IT! Unfortunately, it seems that I'm allergic to feather-based cat toys. Luckily, I bought the 4-pack of Dabird extras, and in there is a glittery sorta thing that she loves just as much as the spinning feather, although it's not as impressive to me.
Da glittery thing

I simply have no idea what she's doing here! But her front legs look like a munchkin's!

This is just a weird position to have her back legs in!

OK Freya, I'll stop making fun of you... maybe... for a day or two anyway..

Just look at that belly? Isn't it just the most snuggly belly in the world???

This is a close-up of her face. I've no idea when she puts on her mascara, but it's always finished by the time I wake up!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

A terribly sad day

One year ago today, my first cat, Scampie died from kidney/renal failure. She was 14 years old, and a much loved member of my family.

It all started about 2 weeks earlier, when we noticed she was vomiting fairly regularly, so we took her to the vet.

He thought it sounded a little like kidney issues so ordered a blood test and put her on a drip, as she was so dehydrated from vomiting. I was surprisingly strong at this news, as I had it set in my mind that it wasn't a big deal, she could just eat special food, and live a happy life for many years to come.

She continued to vomit, and then go for a drip at the vets, and after the drip, she'd be ok for a day or two...

I remember on valentines day, we went for a meal, and Anna gave me a card that had a black cat on it that looked a little like Scampie, and I actually started crying in the restaurant! Maybe it was at that point that I started to realise / believe that things might be a little serious?

Although she would eat, she would vomit it up afterwards, and probably as a result of all the vomiting, went a little off her food, and the vet said that any food or water we could get into her was a good thing, so I went out and bought a load of frozen cod steaks, as she loved them for a treat.

We would boil them up, and virtually hand feed them to her, but it would become harder and harder to get her to eat. The vet would put her on a drip to get some fluids in her as she was quite dehydrated after all the vomiting, and she'd be full of beans again, and actually sometimes keep some food down, much to our rejoicing.

But after a day or so, our hearts would hit the floor again as we heard her start vomiting again, and things were looking desperately bleak.

We kinda realised that this was it, and the only hope was that she would go on a drip every other day, and being a feisty cat, that just wasn't going to be possible, and also, we didnt' think that it would be a quality life either.

We called the vet, and made an appointment for him to make the final visit, but it was a Friday, and he couldn't make it till Tuesday, so for the next 3 days we just kept her warm in blankets and towels, and hot water bottles, and fed her tiny scraps of cod if she felt like it.

I don't mind telling you, that to cry every day for a week is a real emotional strain, and once the vet had been and gone, it was certainly a relief! I realised, I wasn't upset because she was going to die, I was upset that she wasn't well, and once she actually passed, I felt more at peace.

I still can't look at the frozen cod steaks in the supermarket without getting a lump in my throat!

One month later exactly, Freya moved in, and I've been happy again. But not a week goes by where I don't think of little Scampie a few times.

Scampie was quite a big cat, but really faded away towards the end!

Happpier times...

We miss you Scampie!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Monday, February 23, 2009

Have you seen this cat?

This is a really old internet meme, but rather than just post the picture here, I thought I would recreate it myself, and see if any of my neighbours noticed it.

The original shows some dumb wild Pallas cat, :-) but Freya and I both agree that Freya's more awesome than some zoo wildie!

I'll let you know if any of my neighbours notice or mention it...

Have you seen this cat? Because it's awesome!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Freya's been doing very well at cuteness school this week.

She's certainly been scoring A+ with me anyway!

Unfortunately for you readers, I got a new camera last week, so the gratuitous picture quota is going to be on the up for a while, till the novelty wears off!

Guess what I discovered in my bed this morning when I walked in?
I don't really want to be encouraging her to get under the covers, just in case I sit on the bed and squish her, but how can you resist something so sweet as she slowly emerges, all bleary eyed and sleepy?? I'm glad I had my camera to hand!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What's with Maine Coons?

Ever since I wrote a casual piece a while ago about a rescue Maine Coon we saw, the majority of visitors to this blog have been searching for the words Maine Coon!!!

68% of my readers arrived having typed Maine Coon into google!

That's just not fair. But if you can't beat 'em, Join 'em!

I wonder if I type Maine Coon again, I'll get another 100 visitors? :-)

If you arrived here hoping to read about those rather large and impressive felines, please feel free to vent your disappointment in the comments section below!!

Thanks for reading!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Coming up to Freya's "Gotchaday"!

I'm planning on making her a kitty cake, but I'm not sure I can think of a clever way of doing it.

Imagine meaty victoria sponge? fruitcake made with REAL mincedmeat?

I think I might just get the most expensive little can of sheba or whatever catches my eye, and just serve it up in a cake shape.

Whose benefit do you REALLY think this whole birthday celebration is for?

Also, Mommacat has been in hospital with a gallstone, so Freya made her a card.

I don't know who she thinks she's kidding about housework. Although she does do quite a lot of dusting under the tables and cupboards I suppose!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Snow leopard!

We had the best snow today for 18 years!

I wondered what Freya would think of it - She is looking out of the window, but I couldn't say if it was more than usual, or even if she looks puzzled as to why it looks so different!

Anna took her outside to see what she would do, but to be honest, she only seemed to wan tto come back inside!

Cats eh? No sense of adventure! :-)