Monday, February 23, 2009

Have you seen this cat?

This is a really old internet meme, but rather than just post the picture here, I thought I would recreate it myself, and see if any of my neighbours noticed it.

The original shows some dumb wild Pallas cat, :-) but Freya and I both agree that Freya's more awesome than some zoo wildie!

I'll let you know if any of my neighbours notice or mention it...

Have you seen this cat? Because it's awesome!


Daisy said...

Did you really post it in your neighborhood? That's funny!

Freya's Staff said...

Definately! it's still there!

I'm really like the idea of posting it in the local highstreet, and then photographing peoples faces as they look at it!

Ms. Tiger Woods from Canada! said...

HAHAHAH!! Brilliant, Freya's Dad!!