Monday, February 2, 2009

Snow leopard!

We had the best snow today for 18 years!

I wondered what Freya would think of it - She is looking out of the window, but I couldn't say if it was more than usual, or even if she looks puzzled as to why it looks so different!

Anna took her outside to see what she would do, but to be honest, she only seemed to wan tto come back inside!

Cats eh? No sense of adventure! :-)


Anonymous said...

I happend to stumble upon your website by accident. What a lovely cat. She reminds me of my old cat, she was an abyssinian cat. Is your cat pure bengal or half abbysinian. (smart, energetic cats and in their behaviour more like cats than dogs) Anyways , just curious. Marike

Freya's Staff said...

Thanks very much for your comment! Freya is pure Bengal, as far as we know. She was a breeding queen, and some of her kittens (we believe) have their own blogs! and also

Black Cat said...

I don't blame Freya for just wanting in! It's cold outside baby! :) xxx