Thursday, June 19, 2008

Spot the cat!

Since getting Freya, Anna's developed an amazing talent for spotting Leopard print items! (Of course we're obsessed!)

So far, in a few short weeks from the local charity shops, we've got a leopard print cushion, hot water bottle cover, and get this - a fetching leopard print satin bed sheet!!! Can you imagine anyone buying that new? (outside the 70s of course) It's great for 50p, but I'm not sure I'd ever put it on my bed!

(Did anyone even have leopard print bedsheets in the 70s?)

Anyway, Anna thought she'd have a laugh, and try and do a spot the cat picture, and laid it all out on the sofa, and good old Freya obliged by lying down right in the middle.

I walk in, and see this lovely leopard print nest on the sofa, and think "I know, I'll lie on it, snuggle up to Freya, and pretend to go to sleep.

Next thing I know, it's 30 minutes later, and Anna has some extra photos!

(click for bigger versions of the photos)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Freya's Collar

I took Freya's collar off a couple of days ago...

One evening, i noticed that she seemed to be scratching it every 5 minutes, and I couldn't work out why, since she'd pretty much got completely used to it by now.

I'm still on the search for the perfect collar that I want - it's a kind of woven material, in black. Simple eh? But you try finding one of those that DOESN'T have cutesey paw prints on it, or in flourescent green.

Still, I kinda like the look of her current velvet collar with diamonds in (well, kinda velvet, and kinda diamonds!) it makes her look like a completely spoilt and pampered Fru-Fru cat. :-)

Which, of course, she is.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Proud moments

I had a client round today, and I did the usual round of "are you ok with my cat" etc, and he cooly proclaimed, "ahh yes, we have an office cat too, she's called rowly" and on cue, Freya jumped on my lap.

As she did that, he stumbled in mid sentence, did a cartoon-type double take - and literally gasped "um, those are um, unusual markings....?"

Yes, I beamed, she's a Bengal... :-)

What a lovely start to the day.

Monday, June 9, 2008

More about the wee problem

It's been a few days since her last "accident", and I can categorically say that cotronella DOES NOT HELP AT ALL.

I'd wiped it on the wall where she sprayed, all over the floor, and even left the soaked citronella cloth in the middle of the patch.

And she wee'd on the cloth!! :-)

I have a suspicion that she likes her litter tray to be especially clean and clear, so I'm trying to be more fastidious about scoping her litter tray, and at least it hasn't happened for a while, but it's hard to be completely scientific and consistent with a problem that only happens once a week or so...

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Going outside

We're still in the planning stages of letting her outside (read: we're building up the courage to do it) and she's actually remarkably good at wearing her harness.

We walked out at the front of the house yesterday, and she really seemed keen to go back in - although when I carried her out in my arms, she was fine and calm, but then, that doesn't really count as excercise, does it? :-)

We're trying to take her outside ideally once a day, and for the last two days, it's been great - I just can't wait to let her off the lead, and see her gallop!

I can't help wondering what she'll be like with other cats too - whether she'll be a scrapper, or a scaredy cat?

And in spite of being an unfit Bengal, will she still easily be the match of a domestic cat in speed and agility, or is the difference not that great?