Thursday, June 5, 2008

Going outside

We're still in the planning stages of letting her outside (read: we're building up the courage to do it) and she's actually remarkably good at wearing her harness.

We walked out at the front of the house yesterday, and she really seemed keen to go back in - although when I carried her out in my arms, she was fine and calm, but then, that doesn't really count as excercise, does it? :-)

We're trying to take her outside ideally once a day, and for the last two days, it's been great - I just can't wait to let her off the lead, and see her gallop!

I can't help wondering what she'll be like with other cats too - whether she'll be a scrapper, or a scaredy cat?

And in spite of being an unfit Bengal, will she still easily be the match of a domestic cat in speed and agility, or is the difference not that great?

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