Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A couple of updates... Tigers and STINKY!!

Looking at the last batch of pics, I loved the one with her mouth open, and so I thought I'd enlarge it a little. click for an even biger version - I love the way her bottom lip pulls down - looks a bit like a big cat's mouth. (Hey, if all her kittens look like lions, I can imagine she looks like a tiger!)

Her wee problem is still ongoing. One suggestion was to put some citronella oil down as cats HATE the smell. Just for the record, humans HATE the smell too.

I've never used citronella before, and not wanting to waste time not putting enough down, I put two saucer-fulls down, thinking that should do it?

About 20 seconds later, Freya and I both had to evacuate the house to the upstairs because the smell was too foul! I pleaded and begged Freya to go down and put the saucers outside, but she said cats don't like citronella, so I would have to do it.

Down I went, to try and reduce the smell - emptying one saucer into the other, I took the foul-smelling concotion outside, and emptied it on the lawn. I'll let you know if it burned a hole in the lawn in a few days!...

Oh, and Vax carpet cleaners are dead cool, but they take quite a lot of fuss to set up. And they don't clean the underlay through the carpet very well either. I've found it's probably better to cut out the piece of wet underlay, and rinse it in the shower.

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Corrinne said...

She looks like Merry in the photo. They're such a good looking family aren't they!