Monday, May 19, 2008

Oh dear... she gone and dun it again!

Well, on Sunday, we were out for the afternoon, and when we came back, after a short while, Anna noticed her skulking around under the desk again, and yep, she'd had a wee in the same spot again.

My instant guess is it's a psychological issue, rather than a physical/medical one, but we'll see. It seems that both times she's done it, we've been out for 5+ hours, and she's had a wee pretty soon after we've come home.

I'd read something years ago about feeding a cat where it's weeing, as they never do bodily functions where they eat. Seems plausible, so for now at least, she's geting fed next to her wee-spot, and we've been about 18 hours with out an issue! :-) Do you think that proves anything? :-)

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Corrinne said...

Hmm, it certainly sounds like she's trying to make a point, doesn't it. Have you tried rewarding her with something yummy when you get home, so she associates your absense with getting a super special treat. I have no idea if this'll work ... Have you tried putting a litter tray behind your desk? Also, Bengals get quite attached to their humans, so she could just be feeling a little left out and jealous. Maybe she's punishing you for taking her 'bezzy mate' away from her. Do you leave the radio on when you go out? We put Radio 3 on when we leave the boys at home for prolonged periods of time. It seems to help as they're definitely less 'twitchy' when we get home. Sorry for the waffling ... I'm all idea'd out. I hope she comes right x