Wednesday, May 14, 2008

RSPCA Open Day!

What a fantastic day to have a garden party! Blistering hot sun, and more cats to look at than you can shake a feather toy at!

We felt quite the celebrities, almost everyone there was full of praise for the "Beautiful Bengals" and quote of the year goes to Leslie - "We hadn't seen any Bengals before, and it was quite a shock - they were jumping around in their cages like the place was full of monkeys!"

It still makes me smile to think of a cattery full of Bengals! I can't imagine what it must have been like!

Anyway, here's some pics of the day:
(Click to see bigger)

The carpark

The place where it all happens!

A pretty busy day, don't you think?

A proud mother...

Poor, poor Jake, who only has three legs, and looked soooo in need of extra hugs!

Top cat!

This dignified old boy was found as a stray, and brought in - and is going to be adopted by the couple who found him! yay!

He really touched us though, as he just looked really quite old and haggard, but just had a bit of class about him.... like an ex-show cat or something :-) I'm afraid I can't remember his name...


Corrinne said...

Oh lawd, I'm so glad I didn't go. I would have taken them ALL home. That little old dude at the end ... nearly had me in tears!!

Katie and Da Katz said...

oh Dats wondurful abouts da old kitte!!

Weze pur fur dese here kittees.

Katie Too n
Spunky Boo (19 years old and bornd on Good Furry Day 1989)