Thursday, May 8, 2008

Doing anything this Saturday 10th?

RSPCA Ashford is having an open day, and celebrating their 60th Anniversary around 11AM.

We'll be going, um....., as in Freya's Staff will be going - Little Miss Freya has politely declined to visit that place, but she sends her warmest purrs and regards to Leslie and all the other staff there! :-)

Hope to meet someone there, and if not, we'll take pics!!


chez said...

Brilliant!! I'm glad you're going, please take loads of pics and if you wouldn't mind please say a big HELLO from me and the Boy's (Gandalf and frodo that is).

You never know you might even meet Corrinne and The Boy.

bye for now
Chez x

Corrinne said...

Oh bugger!!! That would have been wicked to attend. Boo hoo. Thinking about it, it's probably better that we don't go as we'd end up adopting an army of homeless moggies ... or feeling guilty that we can't!!! Have fun though.