Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Wanderer!

So.... Freya went outside to explore the garden today!

She seems pretty fine on the harness, as long as we weren't too bossy with it - at first, every time we gave a little tug on it, she'd sort of fall over backwards and lie down, but she soon got over that.

She had a good walk around the garden, pretty much jumped out of her skin every time either of us trod on a leaf or a twig, and after a pretty leisurely stroll around sniffing everything, and chewing some other things, she walked back indoors of her own accord!

Looks like a ROAR, but actually more of a nibble

on a mission!

*Just* like a ballerina. or something.

Jungle cat!

Licky-licky, to get rid of the nasty harness smell!

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Corrinne said...

She's such a beautiful cat!