Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Freyas collar

So, we're building up to the day when we try Freya with the outside - maybe on a harness - and step one is wearing a collar - I've also heard about a gadget called loc8tor and that'll need a collar thing too, so she needs to learn to wear one.

Of course, she doesn't seem to enjoy having a collar on, although I think it's the little metal disc that really bugs her.

We then tried to put on the front part of a harness I'd bought her - the collar bit, and she was absolutely fine with it! no problem at all! So feeling brave, I put on the whole harness on, and again, no problem!

So maybe it's just that metal disk where her phone number's supposed to go that's the problem.

I really must persevere though with it, as I've got some great film ideas that need the loc8tor thingy, so I must try again sometime, and hope she gets used to it given time.

Also, my local pet shops have the most boring selection of collars - great if you only want thick solid leather ones with flowers on or something like that?

Anyone know somewhere with a big selection of collars?


chez said...


I have a gold one you can have - I bought Frodo and Gandalf a collar each I put Gandalf's on and he somehow managed to get his bottom teeth caught in it went ballistic running up and down the walls trying to get it off I managed to cut it off and promised never to use collars again - hence the offer of the gold one (not real though, sorry) if you want it?

Freya's Staff said...

Thanks for the offer, I think I've found one now.. Just gotta persevere and wait till she gets used to it!