Friday, May 9, 2008

noisy girl!

So here's the promised video of little miss Freya missing her mum, even though her Dad's standing next to her.

Does it sound like anyone else's Bengal?

It's still good for entertainment though - as soon as she hears he video, she goes mad looking to see where the meow is coming from



Corrinne said...

Aww, she sounds a lot like Merry. I just played the video and Merry went crazy, running round looking for the source of the meow. I caught a little bit of it on my camera phone and will try and post it. I think they sound alike. How was the RSPCA party, by the way?

michelle said...

Frayer is gorgeous, i have 2 13 week old Bengals, Mitzy is really loud like frayer. Daisy is alot more softer but Mitzy sure can bring on the cuteness when she wants too.

Freya's Staff said...

Thanks for your lovely message Michelle. Freya loves to make a noise, but only when she wants to, never when I have the camera rolling!

Say Hi to Mitzy and Daisy!