Wednesday, January 28, 2009

News Update!

Well, I'll hang my head in shame for not updating since September. Freya's been fine, with no problems, so I guess that's why I've not felt the urge to write.

We had an adventure at Christmas, where Freya went with us to Anna's parent's house 4 hours drive away.

We borrowed a big cage off a friend, and equipped it with padded cushions, and covered it with puppy pads (sheets of nappy material). Sprayed Feliway all over it, and in all honesty, I don't really think it had any effect. She didn't appear to sniff where we'd sprayed it, and she yowled for abut 3 hours and I guess wore herself out for the last hour of the journey.

Once we got there, we confined her to whatever room we were in, so she never had the run of the house. This turned out to be a very good idea, as for the first day or two, she would have her own hidey hole in each room, and woul donly come out for food, biscuits, and sometimes cuddles.

Overall I don't think it was a bad decision to take her. There may have been some stress for her, being away from home, but she was with us at all times and protected, and there was a lot of mental stimulation for her too, and that's never a bad thing...

I wish I'd taken some pictures! Instead, here are some upto date ones instead

Freya loves her biscuits!

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Corrinne said...

Hey, soooo nice to hear that all is well with Freya. We were beginning to get worried!! We also took our two on holiday over Xmas (London to Cornwall, 6 hours!!). And just like Freya, Merry yowled almost the entire journey. Must be a family thing. They had a great time away though and seemed so much more relaxed when they got home. We're the same with the blog updates; Sam and Merry are so settled and happy that there doesn't seem to be much 'news'. Loved the piccies of Freya by the way; she really is a beauty isn't she! Lots of love from Corrinne, Rob, Sammy and Merry x