Monday, April 21, 2008

Little Miss Determined!

**I just noticed that Anna's already written about this story.... But mine's got video!!! :-) um, although it is Anna's video!!**

The first time Freya explored the kitchen, she found a tiny hole in the floor between two cabinets. For some reason, she dived in this hole, (full of the last 30 years' dust!) and seemed to love it.

We coaxed her out with some treats, and put a piece of wood in the hole to block it. About 5 minutes later, she'd plucked the wood blockage out, and dived in the hole again.

Right we thought, we'll put the wood back in the hole, and barricade it with a tin or two.
Didn't delay her at all, so we put another tin. No problem for her.

Eventually, we settled on 2 cans, a box of laundry tabs and a cereal packet, and ran for the camera!!!

take a guess... :-)

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