Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I guess she likes pork!

I had a lovely pork chop today, and when I'd finished, being a responsible kittie-dad, I wrapped the bones and fat in foil, and then double-plastic bagged the remains and put them in the bin.

You know what's coming, don't you?

Within less than 2 minutes, I noticed the little sweetheart sitting under the coffee table with a shiny silver-foil package, rubbing her paws together, just dreaming about what she was about to do to her delicious prize.

Unfortunately mean old dad appeared at that point, and snatched it away.

She'll forgive me one day...


chez said...


I'm Chez I also have a blog about two of the bengals from ashford RSPCA. So pleased to hear about Freya and I shall now enjoy reading about her as well as Samwise and Merry. Thank you

Freya's Staff said...

Hi Chez!

Lovely to hear from you! Thanks for your message.

Chris & Anna