Saturday, April 12, 2008

Favourite past-time

The first time Freya went into the kitchen, she noticed a cat-sized hole beneath the sink, where a small piece of wood was missing. In a flash, she slinked through the hole to explore. She reappeared when she heard the sound of biscuit treats being shaken and emerged with cobwebs on her nose. As we weren't sure what else she might find in the black hole, the missing wood was found a pushed into place but she soon pulled it out!
Then we blocked the wood with a tub of washing machine tablets - which she immediately dragged out of place. It became her favourite game! We added large tins of tuna, then potatoes, then a packet of cereal. We managed to catch her on film relishing the challenge of her obstacle course. She is delighted that so far we have not succeeded in hammering a nail in the wood due to its awkward location. And so, for now, the game continues...

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