Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Becoming a lapcat

Freya has really started being a lap cat! The transformation is amazing after all the time we spent, where she would run away from us whenever we approached her.

It was interesting actually, how I'd come downstairs in the morning, and she'd hide under the table when I approached her, so I'd walk into the kitchen to get her breakfast and she'd happily follow me - I could then seize the opportunity to grab and pick her up for a cuddle - she absolutely loved it, purring loudly and snuggling - but the picking up was always a trick.

By the evening, she'd warm to us, and we could pick her up, and play with her, and we were great friends. But then by the next morning, I'd have to start all over again tricking her into a cuddle!

The evenings are great; We sit on the sofa, and Freya takes up her position next to Anna, and gets all the cuddles and strokes she can handle. Not a sign of the frightened cat we've known for the past week or two.

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