Sunday, July 27, 2008

She doesn't like my guitar playing!

I've been learning the guitar for 3 days, and it seems that Freya has an opinion on my playing ability!

When I start playing, at first, she just chirps, the same way that she does when she sees a bird outside, even in her sleep! Then, as my playing goes on (and on, and on) just look what she does about 2/3 into the video!

Now, she may be the cutest cat in all the world, but that's just plain rude!

Every time we watch this, it just makes us laugh so much!

I don't she really hates it *that* much - I mean, surely she'd leave the room if she really didnt like it? Ahh well, she'll just have to put up with it until either I get better or completely bored of it!


chez said...

I think Freya is such a lucky girl, not only does she have a guitar serenade to help her sleep she also have adorable staff to look after her every need.

Love to you both
(: x

chez said...

BIG OOOOOOOPS Did I say Love to you both? I meant to say Love to you three

Honey P. Sunshine said...

i think she's singing along