Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Wee problem, ongoing...

Freya still hasn't got over her weeing problem.

There are 3 places she wees or to be more accurate, she "marks".

  • By the front door.
  • in the corner of a dark downstairs small room, that's not used very often.
  • upstairs by her litter tray.
the third one may be a bit strange, but let me explain... Whe have the litter tray upstairs on the landing, in theory so that the smells don't fill downstairs. the landing overlooks the stairs, and a couple of times, we've caught her standing up in her litter tray, (not squatting as usual) and weeing, so that the stream lands halfway down the stairs. I have a feeling that the standing and weeing, rather than squatting is a classic sign of marking, rather than weeeing.

Anyway it smells, and is a real pain to clean up.

I've ordered some Feliway, that is supposed to work miracles, and I have to give one spray a day to the 3 areas where she wees or marks, and magically, that will stop her.

It seems quite scientific/psychological how it works, using pheremones...

Anyway, the other thing I'm thinking about, is that marking is usually a sign of anxiety or stress. I can't really see it, as nothing significant has changed in the house (apart from a load of moving this week, but the problem started ages ago)

I have heard that it cna also happen from a poor spaying operation, where "some female bits are left in" but I don't really know if that makes sense to me...

I'll let you know when the Feliway arrives what happens.

1 comment:

chez said...

Just a thought, could it be a habit that has formed from her breeding days?

Hope the spray works for you.

bye for now
Chez and the very happy Gandalf (: