Monday, August 25, 2008

OOOH... Maine Coon!

We went on a day trip to our local Cat rescue home Foal Farm. We often go there, just to look and coo (we never cry either, oh no, not us, no never!) at all the lovely kitties there, waiting to go to their forever homes.

There's always at least one cat there that really grabs us, and if we had some lottery money, and acres of land, they'd probably come home with us, there and then.... (Don't tell Freya!)

Anyway, this week's cat of note is Nanook, on the Getting Desperate page (click the link and scroll down to see him)

They say about him: "If you like big cats, look no further! He has lost his home as his owners have moved to where pets are not allowed. He is very easy going but not really a lapcat. He would love to meet you!"

Well, they were NOT JOKING about big cats! Nanook has to be about 3-4 feet from head to tip of tail! He is just magnificent! I would just LOVE to see peoples faces as he walked past in my street! If you've neer seen a Maine Coon in person, you just can't imagine how big they are! I've often heard of them, but meeting one is a special treat!

And to think, most people comment on how small and petite Freya is! If we got Nanook, Freya would look like his little pet! (just for the record, we won't be getting Nanook.... Just in case anyone was thinking!)

This is a picture from the internet, to give another idea of their size!


Lux said...

I couldn't find the picture of Nanook, but that kitty from the internet sure is huge - and beautiful!

Freya's Staff said...

He's the 5th one down, but it's ok, I should have said, the picture underneath the link is him!


goldenshade said...

Holy crap!!!!!

That fella is HUGE, he puts me to shame.

He's a beauty though. The PM probably would have wanted to take him home too but what would we ever feed him?

Purr Goldie

Whicky Wuudler said...

The pictures on the Foal Farm site aren't showing up. But if your Mum and Dad did bring home a mighty Maine Coone, just think Freya, you could ride on its back! Cowgirl Freya!

Black Cat said...

Oh, I would love to adopt him! I live in Hove, is this close enough? I don't drive but I have friends who do. How could his people move to somewhere they can't have him? I could never do that!!! My email is black.cats.follies AT gmail DOT com or Penny AT fast4 DOT net :) xxx

Hi Freya :) xxx