Monday, August 18, 2008

Feliway dissapointment :-(

It seems that Feliway hasn't been the magical cure I was hoping for. Not necessarily to say anything against it, but I think Freya is just weeing, not spraying.

So far it seems only in the one place, which just happens to be in the corner of my bedroom. Now, I feel I should explain, just so you're sure to have the complete picture. Originally, it was the garage, then it was the office, (Freya first wee'd in here when it was a barely used office) but now it's my bedroom. (The big rooms upstairs are now work related). OK all making sense? As if.

Anyway, she did it Thursday at 07:30, and on Saturday at 06:30. Luckily, something woke me up, and I caught her seconds after the offence was committed, which I thought was a great thing, so I picked her up, carried her over to the floor patch, held her next to it (against her struggling) and said very firmly NO!

I wouldn't dream of rubbing her nose in it or anything like that. I consider that definately NOT something an animal lover would do.

Since then, Anna has read a cat behavour book, and the author said that bad behaviour is usually as a result of stress, and telling off your cat will usually increase that stress, and damage the bond that you have with her.

So now I'm stuck!

My only other option, is regarding the litter tray. Now it may be that I was exceptionally lucky with my last kitty, Scampi, and she was very tolerant of a less than pristine litter tray, and conversely, Freya is a right little princess, and doesn't like to use a litter tray that isn't empty (and diamond encrusted). So I'm going to have to make a concerted effort to empty it more often now, and hope that makes the difference!

Fingers crossed!

Since every blog needs pictures, here's some.
This is the exceptionally clean corner of my bedroom - I've cleaned it about 5 times with the new Vax machine!

This is what a bedroom in a garage looks like! that's the boiler above my head, so I get a nice (weird) sort of alarm clock about 8AM. And before you ask, yes, I have a carbon monoxide detector in the room. :-)

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The Meezers said...

I had a problem like this with one of my previous cats. Nature's Miracle is truly a miracle for removing cat urine smells. Secondly, have you tried using the new Breeze box? There's no wet litter for kitty to stand, and it's easy to scoop the doots. There is a pad in the bottom that absorbs a lot of urine and then you just throw it out and put a fresh one in. Just a thought

Meezer Mom Mary

Freya's Staff said...

Thanks for the idea! I'll have a look on the web. Not heard of it before..

Whicky Wuudler said...

Hi Freya, you are a gorgeous gal ;)

Ask your humans for more litter boxes! Don't give up on the Feliway either, get them to use it on all the places they see you rubbing your head. This will help you feel more secure, because to you it smells like the smell you leave when you rub your face on things. It comes in diffuser form too, so one diffuser in each room could be good to try. If you aren't squatting in your tray Freya, could it be that you just don't like the type of litter your humans have chosen? There are lots of different types to try. Good luck!

HotMBC said...

Maybe try Bach's Rescue Remedy? Or like Whicky said, the diffusers work better than the spray. Or try a new kind of litter.
the Hotties

DaisyMae Maus said...

Feliway sometimes doesn't work (in our case) and sometimes it takes time for adjustment. We have a peeing problem with Cocoa Puff 'cuz he's "protecting" the house from the neighborhood strays who aren't altered.

Mom picks up everything off the floor 'cuz she doesn't like peed in shoes.

St. John's Wort drops (the alcohol-free ones) help a bit, too. Kinda like Prozac.