Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dance video RELEASED!

My dance video is finally released! We filmed it over two days, and then daddycat spent another 2 days editing it - he actually made it 4 times, and each time had an idea how to make it better, and started again from scratch!

You can even watch it in HD if you click the video and it takes you to youtube!

I really hope that all you friends like my video, and please tell all your friends so I can become rich and famous, and have my stinky goodness brought to me on a velvet cushion...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Yoga Guru!

I won an competition! Can you believe it?

I entered the 2009 Kittie Yoga competition, and amazingly, they thought my pose was one of the joint wiiners with this pose!

The lovely kitties at Tabbynormal said it was called Cat Crescent Pose and with such a lovely name like that, it sounds even better!
Congratulations and headbutts to teh beautiful joint winners Siena and Ayla too!

In keeping with the Yoga and nimbleness theme, MY KITTY DANCE VIDEO is going to be released any day now! I'm so excited! I can't wait for all my friends to see my dancing!

Be sure to subscribe on the right of my blog, to be informed as soon as it's released!

Seeya soon, friends!


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cat moulting problem - SOLVED!

I've been moulting a lot recently, and because of my wonderful colouring, my hairs stand out on your clothes, whatever colour you're wearing! Aren't you lucky!

Well, daddycat has been looking everywhere for a solution, and has bought all sorts of cat hair brushes, and none of them actually get my really thick underfur out - they just brush it nice and flat, and maybe loosen it, so I can rub it all off on his bed!

So, we've seen these brushes that look like spikey razors, and everyone raves about them but they're £20, and you can't test them, and daddycat's too careful with my cat fud money to risk £20 on a fancy brush that doesn't work!

But today, he was walking around in the 99p store, and saw the SAME THING!!! and guess how much it was??....

oh yes... it was 99p.

Anyway, it works a dream!

It gets loads of fur out with every stroke, and the only problem is that I'm in such ecstasy when daddycat does it, that I can't help moving around and walking in circles!

this is what we pulled out in about 2 minutes of brushing!

And I don't look very bald at all!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

wordless wednesday: How many paws?

I seem to have got myself into a bit of a tangle, and I've lost one of my legs!

Can you find it?
(click to make the picture bigger!)

Friday, April 10, 2009

gonna be a film star!

Daddycat says he's got nothing to write about so that's why he hasn't posted anything recently. Although I'm really excited, because Daddycat's setting up a video studio and he wants me to be his first film star!

I'm going to be showing off how acrobatic and nimble I am!

Grandmacat came to visit last week too, and I jumped straight on her lap and had a lovely cuddle, as only Grandmacats can give!

Also, those nice people at the Kitty City Gazette sent me an award! I feel a bit of a fraud since I haven't written or updated anything for about 2 years! (cat years of course, which are about a week in human time)

Well all I can say is, WOW! We love your site too!

Hope to get my filming done soon!


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Catnip dealer!

Daddycat's growing some catnip, just for me!!! I'm so excited!

I've had some before and it made me go a bit crazy, but when daddy cat gave me some of this, it just didn't spell right, and had no effect. Is he meant to give it to me fresh or dry it?

We tried drying it too cos daddycat had heard that you hang it up upside down, and that dries it, but it still doesn't look right! why would I want to roll in dusty old dead plant? I have an image to uphold, you know! Please ignore the donkey thing there, daddycat hangs all sorts of weird things around the place!

It's so much trouble, maybe it would be best to just buy another bag, but when we gets hold of a Personal Challenge © , it's hard to just give up!

Does anyone have any tips for us?

Freyakitten. xx